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P. SYKAS Construction & Development Ltd

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P. SYKAS Construction & Development Ltd was established by Panayiotis Sykas in 2005. In the past 10 years , we have created a company that continues expanding and developing with great potential in the construction industry. Our vision is to continue our prosperous development and maintain our excellent reputation in this field. We guarantee high quality services both during the construction phase and after the completion of each of our projects. Amongst other things, the portfolio of P. SYKAS includes renovation projects and the construction of buildings, villas and residential complexes. The cost of each project may, of course, vary according to the budget and requirements of each individual client.
Our company has automatically become the public’s first choice due to our continuous implementation of innovative ideas and techniques, high quality project delivery, and our sturdy commitment towards and excellent cooperation with our clients.
Always with respect towards the client, basic principles and the environment – we are building the future. Our passion, integrity, expertise and commitment to excellent workmanship guarantee the successful result of our projects. Our chief objective is continued customer satisfaction, since our philosophy is not only limited to achieving excellent business results but also creating longstanding relationships with all of our clients. Hence, we will always be by your side in whatever concerns your home.

Full Name or Company:  Panayiotis Sykas
Telephone:  99138582
Web Site:

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